7206 VXR NPE-G1 throughput

Vlade Ristevski vristevs at ramapo.edu
Tue Feb 11 02:05:16 UTC 2014

  Are you suggesting getting the default gateway from both providers or 
getting the full table from one and using the default as a backup on the 
other (7206)?


On 2/10/2014 1:27 PM, Octavio Alvarez wrote:
> On 02/10/2014 08:05 AM, Vlade Ristevski wrote:
>> The ACL is a recent addition and we can probably do away with it. I
>> didn't notice a significant increase in CPU or drops since adding it.
>> But we usually peak at about 200Mbps on this link. The full routing
>> table is a must since we're dual homed.
> You don't necessarily need the full routing table for dual home, only
> for outgoing load balance. You can have BGP, filter your routes away,
> just leave a default gateway and still have dual homing. Your outgoing
> traffic will work as if it were active-standby, though.
> My 0.02.


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