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John Kemp kemp at
Mon Feb 10 22:26:39 UTC 2014

The NANOG60 Talk:

BGPmon Homepage
BGPmon Mailing List
BGPmon v7.3.3 Download

BGPmon CPAN Modules e.g.

RouteViews BGPmon Dedicated Instances

RouteViews BGPmon Consolidating Instances

RouteViews MRT Archives
rsync –list-only
rsync –av .

If you plan on utilizing one of the BGPmon live feeds for
an extended period, we would appreciate an e-mail. Please
let us know your intended usage and the subnet you will
be coming in from. For the RouteViews Instances, mail to
help at For general BGPmon questions,
bgpmon at

The RouteViews Instances are considered a test platform.
So while we do monitor, we are still debugging and doing
updates. Feel free to ask if you have questions or comments.

John Kemp
RouteViews Network Engineer
help at

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