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Hi all,

Just wanted to say thanks to all who replied on and off list to my original inquiry. 

I'd sum up feedback as follows:
-	Although Cogent has been surprisingly good for some, in general almost everyone agreed that it should never be relied upon as your main Internet provider. As a secondary link, they are a good value.
-	People had generally good feedback about Level3
-	Having one carrier provide service over another carrier’s fiber is generally not a problem. Sometimes it adds complication when things go wrong (and a couple people had some pretty extreme cases to share), but in general most people did not recommend shying away from this kind of relationship. 
-	Time Warner also received positive reviews in general as a carrier

I was also surprised how many small ISPs like us are on the NANOG list. I kinda assumed most of you were big operators that dwarf us. It's great to have received perspectives from both large and small operators.  

Thanks again, everyone. 


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This is exactly what I thought had happened....The outage that affected you was one our two routers up-stream from your connection to that provider.

I am not trying to defend any Carrier, but there is no 'routing protocol' what will react to this kind of an issue.....


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> We don't get a default route from them. At the time of the outage my 
> bgp session was up and I had a full routing table from them.  I didn't 
> have much time to troubleshoot it in that state since we were down so 
> I had to disable the session ASAP. Once the RFO comes in, I'll be 
> asking a lot more questions about it. My only experience with BGP is 
> as a customer so I'm not too familiar with the intricacies on the 
> provider side. We had an outage in the AM the same day and we failed 
> over just fine. I'm very curious why the same didn't happen in the evening.
> On 2/7/2014 3:03 PM, Bryan Socha wrote:
> > Did you verify your problem was announcements on the other side of the
> > outage?   This sounds to me like you are using a bgp announced default
> > route from cogent which is always sent.    I think the problem was you
> > were sending traffic out a path that was broken.   Since you mentioned
> > your outbound balancing this would explain some packet loss and not 
> > 100% loss.
> >
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