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Vlade Ristevski vristevs at
Fri Feb 7 14:19:15 UTC 2014

I'm not setting it on my router locally but sending it over to Cogent as 
a community string per page 22 of their user guide.

They use it to manipulate how traffic gets back to me so that is 
incoming from my routers view.

I also pad the AS  for the networks that I prefer to come back through 
the other ISP..

On 2/7/2014 5:27 AM, Olivier Benghozi wrote:
> Hi Vlade,
> Well, if you are trying to balance the incoming traffic load with local-pref attribute, I can understand your disappointment :)
> Since it doesn't work at all this way: local-pref is local to an AS and deals with outgoing traffic only.
>> B)  We have our own AS and IP space. I advertise them to both Cogent and our other ISP. I use the local preference attribute to share the load for incoming traffic between both ISPs. In the last 5 outages over the last few years, this has happened twice. I'm waiting on the RFO so I can further investigate why this happened. I think someone mentioned this in a post a few months ago too.

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