carrier comparison

Adam Greene maillist at
Thu Feb 6 15:17:53 UTC 2014



We're a small ISP / datacenter with a Time Warner fiber-based DIA contract
that is coming up for renewal. 


We're getting much better pricing offers from Cogent, and are finding out
what Level 3 can do for us as well. Both providers will use Time Warner
fiber for last mile.


My questions are:

-          Will we be sacrificing quality if we spring for Cogent?
(yesterday's Cogent/Verizon thread provided some cold chills for my spine)

-          Is there a risk with contracting a carrier that utilizes another
carrier (such as Time Warner) for the last mile? (i.e. if there is a
downtime situation, are we going to be caught in a web of confusion and
finger-pointing that delays problem resolution)?

-          How are peoples' experiences with L3 vs TWC?


Although I assume everyone on the list would be interested in what others
have to say about these questions, out of respect for the carriers in
question, I encourage you to email frank opinions off list. 


Or if there are third party tools or resources you know that I could consult
to deduce the answers to these questions myself, they are most welcome. 




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