Need trusted NTP Sources

Martin Hotze m.hotze at
Thu Feb 6 12:30:49 UTC 2014

> I'm trying to help a company I work for to pass an audit, and we've
> been told we need trusted NTP sources (RedHat doesn't cut it). Being
> located in Nigeria, Africa, I'm not very knowledgeable about trusted
> sources therein.
> Please can anyone help with sources that wouldn't mind letting us sync
> from them?

given that you trust the US-government (well, ...) you might use your own stratum 1 server using a Raspberry Pi with GPS.

here is a well done how-to:

I still need some spare time to get it running, all parts are here, but within my office location I have a bad GPS signal reception, so I have to do it at home.

So build your own stratum 1 server (maybe a second one with DCF77 or whatever you can use for redundancy), off from these servers build 2 or more stratum 2 timeservers for redistribution to offload your stratum 1 servers. is a cool alternative. They are located in Poland, IIRC. And this box sells for less than 2,000 euros (this price is 2 years old). And it gives you GPS (USA), Glonass (Russia) and DCF77 (land based).

One of the best Timeservers are sold by

just my 2 euro-cents.


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