SIP on FTTH systems

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Thu Feb 6 12:21:49 UTC 2014

On Thursday, February 06, 2014 02:15:57 PM Mikael 
Abrahamsson wrote:

> There are more. There are models where each ISP gets its
> own customer vlan and L2 equipment do inspection of
> ARP/ND and does security filtering on L2/L3 using this
> information. There are also L3 networks where the
> traffic is source-routed out to the correct ISP, or each
> ISP gets its own VRF in the equipment and it's VRF a
> long way out.


The models I listed are typical to an operator that runs its 
own infrastructure (including the FTTH last mile), and does 
not necessarily wholesale out to other operators.

I've seen certain countries that have given the incumbents 
leeway to wholesale at the IP level, which the incumbent 
likes because they "perceive" more control than if they had 
to hand-off Layer 2 wholesale. In such cases, VRF's and/or 
logical routers have been deployed.

> To the original poster. People using PPPoE for FTTH makes
> me sad. When someone suggests this, please just say "go
> back to the drawingboard, redo it right".

Agree. DHCP really is the way to go, now. Plus, there is 
good support for IPv6 with vendors today re: DHCP-based 
subscriber management.

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