SIP on FTTH systems

Jean-Francois Mezei jfmezei_nanog at
Thu Feb 6 04:52:51 UTC 2014

Quick question:

I am thinking in a possible wholesale FTTH environment operated by a
telco where the end user is connected to ISP-X via PPPoE.

ONTs have built-in ATAs that can provide POTS service to a house and do
SIP/VoIP over the fibre with QoS system to ensure VoIP traffic gets through.

In a scenario where the data PPPoE connection is done by an external
router, what are the options to operate the VoIP service so that

- VoIP still uses the special lane on the GPON with QoS

- VoIP gets IP from ISP-X and traffic flow via ISP-X so that telco is
not involved in routing such traffic or allocating an IP address ?

Is the only option to program the ONT to establish its own PPPoE session
to the ISP that carries only SIP traffic (and can such a setup make use
of the special "lane" reserved for VoIP traffic ? on the gPON system ?)

What other scenarios exist ?

In normal incumbent-only FTTH systems, does the OLT provision a special
IP to the ATA via DHCP and intercepts that traffic to hand off to a
local SIP server and never touches the internet ?

In the USA,  do CLECs have access to homes served only by FTTH ? If so,
how it is accomplisehd ?

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