-48VDC supply for home lab?

Robert Glover robertg at garlic.com
Mon Feb 3 21:08:28 UTC 2014

On 2/3/2014 1:02 PM, Mark Leonard wrote:
> Greetings NANOG'ers!
> I have a small home lab which I mostly use for learning and testing.  I'm
> likely to receive some gear that needs negative 48VDC (ie: positive
> ground).  Mains is a typical 120VAC, 60Hz.
> Can anyone recommend a power supply, reasonably priced, to go from 120VAC
> down to -48VDC at 10Amps?  Something that fits in a two post rack would be
> preferred, but not required.
> Thanks,
> Mark


I'd recommend a Kepco PRR 48-22M.  We have one in-office, used it for
some -48VDC equipment (Adtran Total Access gear) that we tested
in-office.  Worked great, and can be found on eBay for under $400


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