BGP multihoming

Tore Anderson tore at
Mon Feb 3 17:38:17 UTC 2014

* Tore Anderson

> * Baldur Norddahl
>> Is assigning a /24 from my own PA space for the purpose of BGP
>> multihoming considered sufficient "need"?
> Not with current policies, no

That was then. With current policies: yes.

To elaborate a bit, the RIPE Community just reached consensus on a
policy change that makes the size and the purpose of an assignment
entirely a local decision. That means that if you and your customer
agree that a /X is needed for purpose Y, and you as the LIR have the
available space and the willingness to make that assignment, you are now
free to make it.

The new IPV4 policy does not mandate any limits to what X and Y might
be, except for the fact that Y must somehow involve «operating a
network» (your use case certainly qualifies).


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