MPLS VPN design - RR in forwarding path?

Saku Ytti saku at
Wed Dec 31 17:49:39 UTC 2014

On (2014-12-31 12:05 -0500), Chuck Anderson wrote:


> are the RRs, via an MPLS LSP for example.  That latter is fine in many
> cases, the former is not.  E.g. I would argue that a P-router can be
> an RR if desired.

There is no compelling advantage. No budget is too thin for 3 gray NPE-G1, if
they are, maybe network engineers without borders can help you.

There are some compelling disadvantages, my current and previous employer both
have experienced VPN AFI BGP UPDATE crashing whole box (infact whole cluster
of 3 VPN reflectors, at once).

Trying to achieve 0 outages is silly and impossible, reducing outage impact is
often simple and cheap, sometimes not done, when only failure modes considered
are physical (HW, fibre, electricity...) failures, rather than the more common
modes (pilot and software).


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