Shapefiles, KMZs, etc.

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I'll make sure that Telecom Ramblings gets all public sources I find. They would also have links to maps that aren't in a spatial format ie: PDFs, interactive web sites, etc. I'm looking for spatially enabled maps so I can see them all on the same screen, turn layers on and off, measure builds, and other GIS type work. 

Mike Hammett 
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If you have KMZ files you have compiled from public sources, can you make them available? 

This would be very useful to have for project I work on from time to time. 

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I am looking for shapefiles, KMZs, etc. for networks primarily in the Midwest, but really throughout the area that is the scope of this list. I am a small ISP that just happens to know more than your average ISP about where people are and how to use GIS tools. I use them to help other ISPs find transport and they may come in handy for some start-up IX work I'm involved with. They would not go public and I would be willing to sign NDAs to get them. I have gotten several form public sources, but I may not have gotten all of the public ones and I have some (but still only a few) private ones. 

Thank you. 

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