How our young colleagues are being educated....

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Subject: Re: How our young colleagues are being educated.... Date: Fri, Dec 26, 2014 at 02:56:40AM -0500 Quoting William Herrin (bill at
> In the real world you often assign a /32 to a loopback address on each
> router and make all of the serial interfaces borrow that address (ip
> unnumbered in Cisco parlance) which wastes no addresses.

Why would you want to waste 79228162514264337593543950336 addresses on a loopback? 

More seriously, why does this discussion only briefly mention IPv6? Every
client comes with it (aggressvely) enabled -- it is there despite the
fat / happy parts of the networking community sitting on their legacy
space and laughing at Asia.

I've had, as mentioned earlier, a "cisco graduate" as intern and then
colleague for a year now. He's a fast learner, and that was needed. No
v6. Not much MPLS. No ISIS. Barely eBGP. No iBGP, especially not in
conjunction with a link-state IGP. Lots of RIP, Flame Delay and EIGRP. 

There are two problems; 

* The academic community is either outdated or married to a
  vendor-specific course -- and that marriage is not very 
  academic, IMNSHO. Academia must be vendor agnostic.

* The vendor courses are too enterprisey, and an outdated 
  enterprise at that. There is no course in "running a 
  sensible chunk of the Internet". 

And this in a world where the largest innovation the last 5 years is
abstraction (as in virtualisation and to some extent SDN). Not in 
protocols. Should be reasonably easy to keep up.

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