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> On 16-Dec-14 12:27, John Schiel wrote:
> > One thing you might also want to consider are any calls you make to
> > 911 whilst using a repeater.
> >
> > I use a repeater supplied by T-Mobile and they made it very clear,
> > and
> > I had to specifically acknowledge a statement, that using such a
> > repeater takes away from emergency services being able to find out
> > where you are if you make a 911 call from your mobile.
> >
> > Some may refer to this as a feature, depending on how much tin foil
> > you have laying about, but the users of such device may need to be
> > warned about emergency calls. They'll need to be able to describe
> > where they are to the responding sirens.
> With any reasonably modern phone, wouldn't this problem only apply to
> areas where GPS isn't available (e.g. basements) and the system tries
> to fall back to using tower triangulation?
> AIUI, part of the registration process's purpose is to give a default
> location for your new "tower" so that emergency responders at least
> know where to start looking if no better location information is available,
> e.g. because the caller can't speak or is disoriented.

A friend of mine has a Sprint Airave picocell in her house, and it came with
an external GPS antenna; if the cell can't lock a GPS position, it doesn't 
come online for calls.

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