How our young colleagues are being educated....

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Thankfully only about 30 minutes north of SNHU is my alma mater, the New Hampshire Technical Institute, a technical school which is fairly well known (locally at least) for its nursing, electrical engineering, and IT programs. The school's invested in a modern lab with a dozen or so equipment pods and borrows elements from the Cisco Net Academy program as well. They offer CCNP related courses every few years dependent on interest and just last year started a VMWare VCP program. We did touch on those old technologies, which to some degree do still exist in the area, but also covered all the good stuff too.

I'm under the impression SNHU has a couple programs it's good at, but to Mr. Herrin's point IT isn't one of them. It's fairly common to see IT folks around here go to NHTI for skills and an AS, and then SNHU or others to fill in the checkboxes for a semi related BS. The alternative is typically a more expensive school in and around Boston.

As far as the larger issue is concerned Javier, I believe it's a cultural problem where we're still encouraging our high school graduates to attend 4 year programs no matter what.  The demand is still incredibly high (as is the resulting price!) for even not so great programs like the one in question. Unfortunately if potential attendees don't do their research to find out how graduates of the programs they're considering are doing in the real world, they'll end up like this.

Matthew Shaw

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> I recently ran into a student of Southern New Hampshire University 
> enrolled in the Networking/Telecom Management course and was shocked 
> by what I learned.
> Am I crazy? Am I ranting? Doesn't this need to be addressed? …..and if 
> not by us, then by whom? How can we fix this?

SNHU offers -online- bachelor's and master's degrees in such well known programs as "IT Management" and "Information Security." You can even pick whether you want a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science.

It's a -degree mill-. What level of quality did you expect in the coursework?

Bill Herrin

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