Is there list of IXPs (containing the information of the AS# of the IXP)

Niels Bakker niels=nanog at
Mon Dec 22 14:24:12 UTC 2014

>>I'm searching for a list of IXPS which contains the information of 
>>the ASN of the IXP.

* randy at (Randy Bush) [Mon 22 Dec 2014, 14:54 CET]:
>the best source is

It's not.  Let's take an example, AMS-IX:
That record doesn't say AS1200 anywhere.  You'll have to search for 
"Amsterdam Internet Exchange" to find AS1200; a search for "AMS-IX" 
will lead you only to its route server ASN.  There is no way to filter 
participants by IXP as "Network Type" doesn't offer that option.

Euro-IX will give you most serious IXPs globally.  For example, is AMS-IX's entry 
and it lists all pertinent information.

	-- Niels.

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