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Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Sun Dec 21 18:10:24 UTC 2014

On 16-Dec-14 12:27, John Schiel wrote:
> One thing you might also want to consider are any calls you make to
> 911 whilst using a repeater.
> I use a repeater supplied by T-Mobile and they made it very clear, and
> I had to specifically acknowledge a statement, that using such a
> repeater takes away from emergency services being able to find out
> where you are if you make a 911 call from your mobile.
> Some may refer to this as a feature, depending on how much tin foil
> you have laying about, but the users of such device may need to be
> warned about emergency calls.  They'll need to be able to describe
> where they are to the responding sirens.

With any reasonably modern phone, wouldn't this problem only apply to
areas where GPS isn't available (e.g. basements) and the system tries to
fall back to using tower triangulation?

AIUI, part of the registration process's purpose is to give a default
location for your new "tower" so that emergency responders at least know
where to start looking if no better location information is available,
e.g. because the caller can't speak or is disoriented.


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