Level3 to Savvis/CenturyLink problems?

Leah Reveliotty leah.reveliotty at virginamerica.com
Wed Dec 17 21:47:33 UTC 2014

We have an MPLS backbone from Level3 and are experiencing issues between
two of our San Francisco Bay Area locations – namely our HQ in Burlingame,
CA and our Savvis/CenturyLink Data Center in Santa Clara, CA.  Ping
response times between these 2 sites are within the normal range, but our
Applications are timing out. We’ve obviously done a ton of troubleshooting
on the Application side of things, but everything points back to a circuit
issue and after a lot of testing we are scratching our heads trying to
narrow down this issue.  So I wanted to post to this list to see if anyone
else has noticed issues with their Level3 circuits in the Bay Area over the
last 2 days as well?

Thanks for your feedback!

Regards, Leah

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