Relative cost of ONT and UPS for FTTP

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Mon Dec 15 06:45:16 UTC 2014

I can only speak on the building we have / are doing I don¹t know that I
would say the ont represents 1/3 of the cost.  The construction side of
things can get fairly costly getting the plant to the point where you
could just use opti taps.  I¹m not going to say this is everywhere but
with new wind loading regulations for poles and some cities trying to use
our construction as a way to pay for there streets to get fixed, yes we
have been asked to install wheel chair accessible sidewalks and re pave an
entire block when we wanted to bore 100 ft on a block that spanned 1000ft
and 4 lanes wide.  That killed that deal.  We have also had the pleasure
of working with cities and counties that work with us to get the permits
approved which has always been a nice treat.  I don¹t think there is a
formula every situation can be extremely different.  Just my 2 cents.

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On 12/14/14, 11:40 AM, "Jean-Francois Mezei" <jfmezei_nanog at>

>On 14-12-14 11:21, Jay Ashworth wrote:
>> I didn't realize that was what you were looking for; that's about the
>> numbers I got 2 years ago for a 12,000 passing 100% deployment over a
>> 3 sq mi city.  There was a lot of good information in those threads if
>> you're contemplating doing this from scratch;
>This was part of a year long process to evaluate the future of wholesale
>access to last mile in Canada (independent ISPs using incumbent last
>mile), and in particular whether FTTP should be included in the
>Incumbents made arguments that the drop to the home represents 1/3 of
>the total FTTP investment, and I had to break that down to show that if
>ISPs pay for the CPE, it represents a significant portion of investment.
>(Incumbents argue that ISPs ride on their coat-tails and never share
>risk/investment, as well as the standard "we'll stop investing if you
>force wholesale" which is also used by AT&T/Verizon in USA.
>This hearing had enough spin to make anyone's head dizzy :-(

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