Comcast thinks it ok to install public wifi in your house

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Thu Dec 11 23:33:44 UTC 2014

On 12/11/2014 16:29, Jay Ashworth wrote:
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>> From: "Larry Sheldon" <larrysheldon at>
>> On 12/11/2014 07:10, William Herrin wrote:
>>> What Comcast is stealing is electricity. Pennies per customer times
>>> a boatload of customers.
>> .....and floorspace, physical security, air conditioning, and all
>> sorts of labor overheads.
> Nope; at that stage, Larry, you're makin it up.
> In the particular case we're talking about here, Comcast -- who are not my
> favorite people by any means -- have *enabled a feature built into the
> terminal device they're provisioning*.  It *might* increase the overall
> power consumption of that device by as much as 5-10 Wh/*month*.  The
> increase in A/C won't register on the chart.  Physical security is no different
> than it was otherwise: none.  And floorspace and labor?  It is, as they say,
> to laugh.
> If we want to diss Comcast, let us not descend to things they *are not* doing;
> there are plenty of dissable things they *are* doing.

Do me a favor and re-write your message from the standpoint of what the 
"provider" would have to pay for if they were not extorting the 
customers.  You don't need to respond unless that changes your thinking.

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