Comcast thinks it ok to install public wifi in your house

Ricky Beam jfbeam at
Thu Dec 11 23:04:44 UTC 2014

On Thu, 11 Dec 2014 17:08:51 -0500, Livingood, Jason  
<Jason_Livingood at> wrote:
> ... Behavioral economics would suggest that opt-in rates are almost  
> always lower than opt-out.

There's two ways to look at it:
a) Everyone knows about it. Few would bother to opt-in, many would bother  
to opt-out.
b) Few ("no one") knows about it. Few will (can) opt-in to service they  
aren't aware of. Likewise, how does one opt-out if they don't know about  

(FTR, the last one is what's going on here. It's relatively unknown, and  
many are apparently opting out as soon as they a) hear about it, and b)  
learn *how* to opt-out. But, yes, there are those too lazy to bother.)

> This is definitely specialized software logic and on the frontier of  
> work called radio resource management.

Not really. It's just a simple scan of the channels looking for any  
xfinity wifi *BEFORE* blindly enabling the service. Yes, it's more work  
than the built-into-the-chipset automatic channel selection. But if the  
service has it's own radio, it's lame not to do this.

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