Comcast thinks it ok to install public wifi in your house

Jeroen Massar jeroen at
Thu Dec 11 22:06:36 UTC 2014

On 2014-12-11 19:12, Valdis.Kletnieks at wrote:
> On Thu, 11 Dec 2014 18:04:20 +0000, "Livingood, Jason" said:
>> Right, so user name & password + MAC address. As more devices support
>> things like Passpoint, this will get more sophisticated.
> OK, so it *does* do .1x authentication with the name/password, not just
> mac address.  That's a lot less scary.. :)

It is WPA2-Enterprise (AES) even. Which is a reasonably ok

Settings for Windows 8 for Windows are at:

or platforms can be found at:

As it is a thing crossing both Comcast + LibertyGlobal (and one can thus
use Comcast logins on LG Wi-Free and vice versa...), I can only guess it
is the exact same thing.

Still, from a radio perspective and the spectrum being pretty full
already, I don't like it a bit.


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