Got a call at 4am - RAID Gurus Please Read

Rob Seastrom rs at
Thu Dec 11 21:57:47 UTC 2014

Barry Shein <bzs at> writes:

> From: Randy Bush <randy at>
>>> We are now using ZFS RAIDZ and the question I ask myself is, why
>>> wasn't I using ZFS years ago?
>>because it is not production on linux, which i have to use because
>>freebsd does not have kvm/ganeti.  want zfs very very badly.  snif.
> I keep reading zfs vs btrfs articles and...inconclusive.
> My problem with both is I need quotas, both file and "inode", and both
> are weaker than ext4 on that, zfs is very weak on this, you can only
> sort of simulate them.

By file, you mean "disk space used"?  By whom and where?  Quotas and
reservations on a per-dataset basis are pretty darned well supported
in ZFS.  As for inodes, well, since there isn't really such a thing as
an inode in ZFS...  what exactly are you trying to do here?


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