Comcast thinks it ok to install public wifi in your house

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> Comcast-supplied routers broadcast an encrypted, private wireless
> network for people at home, plus a non-encrypted network called
> XfinityWiFi that can be used by nearby subscribers. So if you're passing
> by a fellow user's home, you can lock onto their public Wi-Fi, log in
> using your Comcast username and password, and use that home's
> bandwidth.

Bright House/RoadRunner has been doing this in Tampa Bay for a couple years
now -- but they only do it on business installs.  It's how the Bright House
Wifi and CableWifi SSID services are provisioned.

Interestingly, they *do* do it with a separate cablemodem and a tee, and
a separate high-power access point; it's not built into the cablemodem 
provisioned for the business customer proper.  So space and power *would*
be an issue for these users, though I don't know that anyone's complained.

As another commenter noted, you do have to be a subscriber for their 
auth network to recognize you.

I will give them their props: I only had to sign in *once*, last year;
their auth controller has recognized my MAC address at every spot I've 
used since.

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