Relative cost of ONT and UPS for FTTP

Jean-Francois Mezei jfmezei_nanog at
Wed Dec 10 22:26:58 UTC 2014

At recent hearings, I stuck my foot deep into my mouth (as I often do).

So I am now tasked to find the relative cost of the ONT/UPS compared to
the cost of the FTTP drop to the home (in a Flexnap environment).

>From what I had read in the past, the ONT/UPS represent a major portion
of the costs to connect a home to an existing  Flexnap FTTP system as
the drop itself is now dirt cheap to install with unskilled workforce
(no need for laser splicing since flexnap is plug and play).

I know that the Aussie NBN had considered ditching the UPS to greatly
reduce the cost to reduce homes, so I have to hunt down those documents
(which predate existing pro-copper govt).

Does ayone have numbers for ONT/UPS or could point me to such ?
I assume manpower to install the ONT/UPS in homes is a large part of the
cost inside the home ?

And is there any evidence that the actual drop to the home with Flexnap
FTTP is cheaper than a drop using copper from the splice panel on pole
to the home ?

Any/all information would be helpful.  (this is convince the regulator
that an independent ISP who buys the ONT/UPS to be used by one of its
customers relieves the incumbent telco from a major portion of the cost
to connect a home, which, according to telcos, represent 1/3 of total
cost of FTTP deployment.

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