Followup: Survey results for the ARIN RPA

Baldur Norddahl baldur.norddahl at
Mon Dec 8 23:31:44 UTC 2014

I care mostly about routes to destinations  close to me. If someone
steals  a route  from someone  on other  side of  the world everyone will
rightly assume it is the other guys having trouble. Plus we simply do not
have much traffic there. On the other hand  it adds up for the target  if
many ISPs around the world is fooled.

But that is just my ramblings. I am also warning that the RIPE tool already
ignores ARIN. Anyone from RIPE will be ignoring you unless they go out of
their way to fix it. My bet is therefore that ARIN is being  ignored by
many if not most.



Den 08/12/2014 23.46 skrev "Mark Andrews" <marka at>:
> In message <CAPkb-7DmELgaD0F=
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> , Baldur Norddahl writes:
> > We signed our ROAs but we wont be validating anything from the ARIN
> > I believe you will find this to be the norm. The tool provided by RIPE
> > ignores ARIN by default.
> >
> > Someone will probably tell me that I am being arrogant again, but
> > you are asking me to help protect your  routes. And you want me to sign
> > something first. I am not going  to even read that agreement. I do not
> > believe I am alone in this.
> Well the tool is designed to prevent you being fooled by people
> injecting bogus routing information.  If you wish to continue to
> be fooled so be it.
> If I was running a ISP I wouldn't want to be in the position of
> explaining why I was accepting bogus routes when I have the way to
> reject them.
> The agreement is that if you run the tool and there is a mistake
> in the data or the servers are not available that you won't sue
> ARIN for the mistake.
> Mark
> > Regards
> >
> > Baldur
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