Followup: Survey results for the ARIN RPA

Rubens Kuhl rubensk at
Mon Dec 8 18:13:52 UTC 2014

> One could easily presume the ARIN region RPKI deployment statistics are
> lower as a result of the RPA situation (and no doubt that it part of the
> issue), but as noted earlier, it's unlikely to be the full story since
> we also have a region (APNIC) where RPKI deployment also rather low that
> and yet does not have these RPA legal entanglements.
> It was suggested earlier that this may be due to a combination of factors
> (education, promotion) beyond the RPA legal issues that are now being
> worked - so that will also need to be addressed once the RPA is resolved.

Are the US litigation risks that much higher than other jurisdictions so
that ARIN needs to take a different approach than other RIRs ? If they are,
perhaps a confederation design instead of centralized one would help
scatter those risks ?


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