Followup: Survey results for the ARIN RPA

Randy Bush randy at
Mon Dec 8 05:20:25 UTC 2014

> One could easily presume the ARIN region RPKI deployment statistics
> are lower as a result of the RPA situation (and no doubt that it part
> of the issue), but as noted earlier, it's unlikely to be the full
> story since we also have a region (APNIC) where RPKI deployment also
> rather low that and yet does not have these RPA legal entanglements.
> It was suggested earlier that this may be due to a combination of
> factors (education, promotion) beyond the RPA legal issues that are
> now being worked - so that will also need to be addressed once the RPA
> is resolved.

definitely agree.  lacnic and ripe have put effort in their respective
communities (yay alex!).  heck, ripe even resolved the PI and legacy
policy issues so everyone can play (speaking of sick arin legal


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