vendor-locking optical modules (Question re: IBM G8124E)

Faisal Imtiaz faisal at
Sat Dec 6 19:27:35 UTC 2014

Since we are on the topic of vendor locked optics.

Does anyone know  if the IBM G8124 TOR Switches have a hidden menu option to over-ride the vendor lock optics ?

We are seeing something interesting... we have a couple of these in production networks, apparently one switch will accept only IBM Optics, while the other will accept any....

I am not able to find anything which can explain the different behavior on the two switches.

If anyone can offer an insights that would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks in advance.

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> From: "Chuck Anderson" <cra at WPI.EDU>
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> Sent: Saturday, December 6, 2014 8:37:01 AM
> Subject: Re: A case against vendor-locking optical modules
> On Sat, Dec 06, 2014 at 11:51:56AM +0200, Saku Ytti wrote:
> > a) one particular optic had slow i2c, vendor polled it more aggressively
> > than
> > it could respond. Vendor polling code didn't handle errors reading from
> > i2c,
> > but instead crashed whole linecard control-plane.
> > Vendor claimed it's not bug, because it didn't happen on their optic. I
> > tried
> > to explain to them, they cannot guarantee that I2C reads won't fail on
> > their
> > own optics, and it's serious problem, but was unable to convince them to
> > fix
> > it.
> > Now I am in possession of good bunch of SFP I can stick to your routers in
> > colo, have them crash, and you won't have any clue why they crashed.
> > 
> > b) particular vendor had bug in their SFP microcontroller where after 2**31
> > 1/100 of a seconds had passed, it started to write its uptime to a location
> > where DDM temperature measurements are read. This was obvious from graphs,
> > because it went linearily from -127 ... 127, then jumped back to -127.
> > These optics when seated on Vendor1 caused no problems, when seated on
> > Vendor2
> > they caused link flapping, even two boxes away! (A-B-C, A having
> > problematic
> > optic, B-C might flap). Coincidentally Vendor2 is same as in case a), they
> > didn't consider this was bug in their code.
> > This was particularly funny, if you rebooted 100 boxes in a maintenance
> > window, then the bug would trigger at same moment after 2**31 1/100th of a
> > second, causing potentially major outage.
> Who is Vendor2?

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