Juniper MX Sizing

Graham Johnston johnstong at
Fri Dec 5 16:59:33 UTC 2014

I am wondering if anyone can provide their real world experience about sizing Juniper MX routers as it relates to BGP.  I am needing a device that has a mix of layer 2 and 3 features, including MPLS, that will have a very low port count requirement that will primarily be used at a remote POP site to connect to the local IX as well as one or two full route transit providers.  The MX104 has what I need from a physical standpoint and a data plane standpoint, as well as power consumption figures.  My only concern is whether the REs have enough horsepower to churn through the convergence calculations at a rate that operators in this situation would find acceptable.  I realize that 'acceptable' is a moving target so I would happily accept feedback from people using them as to how long it takes and their happiness with the product.

For those of you that deem the MX104 unacceptable in this kind of role and moved up to the MX240, what RE did you elect to use?

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