ARIN's RPKI Relying agreement

George, Wes at
Thu Dec 4 19:35:04 UTC 2014

On 12/4/14, 1:34 PM, "Bill Woodcock" <woody at> wrote:

>I’ve asked a lot of people, “Would you be willing to pay ARIN for RPKI
>services,” and the answer has always been “no.”  Until I get a “yes,”
>it’s hard to put a number (other than zero) on how the market values

WG] well, if it wasn't clear from my previous message, you've gotten a
yes, but it's a qualified yes, and the timeframe, as well as what I'm
paying for, matters.
We need to put some daylight between "how the market values RPKI" and
"whether RPKI is ready for wide-scale deployment" and "what the market
expects from ARIN as a service provider for a critical piece of that
system when it's in wide-scale deployment".

You can see multiple folks expressing concern about other aspects of RPKI
beyond ARIN's RPA and liability. Those problems have to be solved before
we can have a real discussion about how the market values RPKI, because
prior to that it's simply not ready for wide-scale deployment.
Additionally, we have a catch-22 in that most of RPKI's benefit is not
realized until there are enough prefixes signed and enough large networks
validating signatures and dropping invalid announcements, which means the
incentive for early adopters is hard to quantify. In other words, the
benefits of deploying RPKI that we have to use to justify the costs,
whether it's increased ARIN fees or the hardware, complexity, and
headcount costs associated with deploying and maintaining it, cannot be
realized yet.
So, the only thing I know to do is to make sure that I'm working these
issues in parallel so that we don't remove one barrier to entry only to
crash into the next one.



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