ARIN's RPKI Relying agreement

Bill Woodcock woody at
Thu Dec 4 19:17:34 UTC 2014

> On Dec 4, 2014, at 11:11 AM, Robert Seastrom <rs at> wrote:
> I suspect you would get a similar answer if you asked people "Would you be willing to pay ARIN for whois services" or "would you be willing to pay ARIN for services”.

Actually, since those are relatively inexpensive, I suspect there are plenty of people who’d be willing to cover those costs, if they needed to be paid separately.  However...

> I've always been under the impression that the fees charged annually to my orgid were in part to cover the costs associated with running the registry, which by definition involves a certain amount of risk.

…the RPKI costs are many orders of magnitude higher, and that’s before anyone sues us.  So, the question is how much of your fees you want to see going toward RPKI, and how much of that you want to go toward trying to make it functional, versus mitigating the risk when it’s not.


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