ARIN's RPKI Relying agreement

John Curran jcurran at
Thu Dec 4 17:53:02 UTC 2014

On Dec 4, 2014, at 12:32 PM, George, Wes < at> wrote:
> Those are operational matters, implemented by the staff, governed by the
> board, who is informed by their legal council and staff. That is part of
> the reason why I brought some of the issues to the NANOG community, since
> interaction with ARIN board members and staff is what's necessary to make
> sure the concerns are addressed, and thus it benefits from wider
> discussion.

Wes - 
  I am happy to champion the change that you seek (i.e. will get it reviewed 
  by legal and brought before the ARIN Board) but still need clarity on what 
  change you wish to occur -

     A) Implicit binding to the indemnification/warrant disclaimer clauses
        (as done by the other RIRs)

     B) Removal of the indemnification & warranty disclaimer clause 

  I asked this directly during your NANOG presentation, but you did not respond 
  either way.  I also noted that your own business customer agreements have the 
  same indemnification & non-warranty clauses (as they are common in nearly all
  telecommunication and ISP service agreements) - are these now being dropped
  by TWC in agreements?


John Curran
President and CEO

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