Transparent hijacking of SMTP submission...

Livingood, Jason Jason_Livingood at
Mon Dec 1 13:25:02 UTC 2014

On 11/29/14, 3:17 PM, "John Levine" <johnl at> wrote:

>PS: I know enough technical people at Comcast that I would be
>extremely surprised if it were Comcast doing this.  There's plenty not to
>like about the corporation, but the technical staff are quite competent.

Thanks, John! I can tell folks here unequivocally that (1) the recent
press article on STARTTLS re-writing did *not* involve Comcast and (2)
Comcast does not engage in the claimed practice. In fact, we¹re supporters
and early deployers of STARTTLS on our own mail service.

I do not know how to explain the issue reported on this list. Absent a
packet capture it is impossible for me to analyze this further. If
anything, I could only imagine it was a misconfiguration someplace, but I
have no idea where or in what network element that¹d even be possible. I¹m
happy to work with anyone that has more info to try to troubleshoot this.

- Jason Livingood

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