Ebay/Paypal blocking HTTP access based on SORBS DUHL / Spamhaus PBL

Merike Kaeo merike at doubleshotsecurity.com
Wed Aug 27 19:47:01 UTC 2014

On Aug 21, 2014, at 12:51 PM, Tarko Tikan <tarko at lanparty.ee> wrote:

> hey,
>> My home IP is in both the PBL and the SORBS DUL and I have no trouble
>> using ebay or paypal.
> Thanks for confirmation.
>> Given that the problem range is in Estonia, I expect that it's some
>> combination of abuse from the specific range and general issues with
>> traffic from Estonia.
> What makes you say that? Any specific examples of trouble you are getting from Estonian networks?

Yeah - funny…it's been years since I heard of specific Estonian issues (and caveat - I am estonian and know
Tarko).  Back in 2007 there were plenty of problems but many have been cleaned up.  Some took a few years.

Tarko - have you got this resolved yet?  If not, send me private email and I'll get you connected with additional people
who may be able to help.

- merike
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