Pelsser Cristel cristel at iij.ad.jp
Wed Aug 27 09:18:16 UTC 2014


With Daniele Iamartino, we are validating BGP routes with the objects stored in the RPKI.

On 2014/07/26, for the routes at the LINX RouteViews monitor, we observe the following set of prefixes that are announced both with the correct origin AS and a wrong origin AS. There are very few of them. 
We believe they could be anycast where there is no ROA for some origin ASs or they could be misconfiguration/attacks.

RIB Dump time: 2014/08/26 08:00 UTC

prefix,valid AS,invalid AS,31200,50923,49964,198585,49413,5089,61440,37692,262195,18678,30880,50827,9051,24634,1200,41313,26617,27742,8903,12541,197860,20721,197860,20721,20721,197860

Prefixes containing private AS numbers

prefix,valid AS,invalid AS,8426,65489,8426,65489,286,64951

Any feedback is welcome,


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