Optical Transport Platform

Eric Flanery (eric) eric at flanery.us
Mon Aug 25 23:14:30 UTC 2014

I've been really happy with the Fiberstore muxes/demuxes, although I'm
using CWDM not DWDM.

They do the job, are entirely passive (no power needed), perform well (real
world losses seem to match the test reports to a tee), seem solid enough,
and this sort of stuff doesn't get any cheaper (that I've found).

If you are looking for a 'platform', with _any_ sort of bells or whistles,
they aren't what you are looking for. but, if you just want a cheap way to
squeeze multiple channels onto a strand or two, they rock.


On Mon, Aug 25, 2014 at 1:36 PM, Romeo Czumbil <RCzumbil at xand.com> wrote:

> Check out Ekinops
> They have been rock solid with me. They are not as expensive as the others
> and there's no switching in the backplane. Everything happens on the module
> cards
> http://www.ekinops.net
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> Subject: Optical Transport Platform
> Greetings Everyone..
> Here is one for the transport/backbone/data center guys.  Can you tell
> which manufactures you like for optical transport?  I am looking for a
> solution to provide 8 channels of DWDM using tuned optics in my network
> gear. DWDM transport will be used for multiplexing only (no amplification
> or wavelength generation).  So far, I have been looking at Fiberstore and
> PacketLight..
> Any suggestions?
> All feedback is greatly appreciated!
> Thanks
> Kenneth

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