Best US Tunnelbroker for Youtube

Christopher Morrow morrowc.lists at
Wed Aug 20 20:59:00 UTC 2014

On Wed, Aug 20, 2014 at 1:26 PM, Ryan Shea <ryanshea at> wrote:
> Not sure I've seen any evidence (or implied) that the tunnel was the
> problem. My issue as far as I know is at the application layer and other
> end-user experiences seemed a reasonable way to pick a direction. I will
> work with HE though and provide them some details.

i have this: yt_

that I should add to a location... and will ship you a
copy tomorrow of as well. Running this on my home fios + he-tunnel
bits now to see what result come out.

I'd report that the YT homepage seems to be 'super slow' loading and
that when I stream:
<> (was on the YT homepage
as a featured video.. though I am a sucker for the song....)

I seem to stream from:  2607:f8b0:400d:c06::81

that's not TOO far off my homebase, so... it seems reasonable for a
geolocation choice.

> Agreed, from an end-user perspective it can be often be clear as mud
> whether I am using v6, or whether my Chromecast or Android device even
> implements happy eyeballs. The relatively new "experiencing problems?"
> butter bar that shows up beneath a video with notable buffering problems
> (even at low quality levels) sends the user through to details about the
> service provider, in this case HE. Over the past couple years YouTube has
> been my canary to know when I've received a new IP from Verizon and I need
> to go fix my tunnel -- video loading takes fuuuuuuuurever on
> Android/Chromecast/GoogleTV (which hints that happy eyeballs, if it exists
> for Android, isn't working so well for the YouTube app).
> I can't get native v6 at my home -- I'm probably not in a particularly
> unique situation. Not to rathole the dicsussion, but as far as I know (save
> for some small DSL providers) unless I'm in a gFiber city or happen to be
> in the portion of the Comcast network that provides native v6 I'm out of
> luck. I don't plan on moving to solve this problem.

i think jjb's report was that 'all' of comcast (consumer at least) is
v6 capable... as a point of reference. I expect the heat-death of the
universe before fiosv6 happens though. (back on that 'simply
embarassing' commentary from 8+ months ago, of course)


> On Wed, Aug 20, 2014 at 12:42 PM, Jeroen Massar <jeroen at> wrote:
>> On 2014-08-20 18:21, Ryan Shea wrote:
>> > IRC is a good suggestion, thanks. They'll likely be helpful.
>> >
>> > I see no indication of any throttling from my ISP - I can blast data at
>> > full speed to my home from my server and work (with native v6
>> > connections).
>> Does that path between your $home and $server go over the tunnel you
>> find so "slow"?
>> If so, then you have just nicely excluded that the tunnel is NOT the
>> problem.
>> Hence, why traceroutes would be so extremely useful.
>> > Contacting my ISP (Verizon FiOS) is virtually never a
>> > reasonable path to a solution.
>> google(Verizon FiOS throttle) = 71.900 results. One would almost think
>> that there might sometimes be issues there.
>> Also, do realize that the IPv6 path you are using goes over a shared
>> host (the Tunnel Broker PoP) that has IPv4 and IPv6 capacity that might
>> be shared in various points of the paths your packets cross.
>> Did you test at the same time of your "blast data" that the IPv6 Youtube
>> was working fine?
>> Another thing, as browsers now do "Happy Eyeballs" (which is really
>> horrible to diagnose issues with on OSX), did you check if everything is
>> really going over IPv6? (hence the tcpdump/wireshark).
>> [..]
>> > To be clear, I was seeking opinions/experiences on a list that was
>> > likely to have a high occurrence of folk with v6 tunnels.
>> Tunnels are for endusers who still are at ISPs who don't do IPv6 natively.
>> NANOG has operators who have been running native IPv6 for over a decade.
>> Hence, StackExchange might be useful for your purpose.
>> > You have
>> > etiquette suggestions, but not YouTube over tunnelbroker suggestions. I
>> > apparently bring out your inner grump? Do you need a hug?
>> My cat videos are streaming perfectly fine...
>> > Burning Google engineering time would be a sub-optimal way to get HD cat
>> > videos at home with the least time spent.
>> Interesting, I was not aware they did not care about their eyeballs.
>> Actually I am very confident lots of folks there would love to dig into
>> your issue to actually resolve it. As when it is hitting you, it might
>> hit other customers.
>> Is that also not why there is this huge SRE department with lots of IPv6
>> knowledgeable folks?
>> Greets,
>>  Jeroen

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