Best US Tunnelbroker for Youtube

Jeroen Massar jeroen at
Wed Aug 20 16:42:18 UTC 2014

On 2014-08-20 18:21, Ryan Shea wrote:
> IRC is a good suggestion, thanks. They'll likely be helpful.
> I see no indication of any throttling from my ISP - I can blast data at
> full speed to my home from my server and work (with native v6
> connections). 

Does that path between your $home and $server go over the tunnel you
find so "slow"?

If so, then you have just nicely excluded that the tunnel is NOT the

Hence, why traceroutes would be so extremely useful.

> Contacting my ISP (Verizon FiOS) is virtually never a
> reasonable path to a solution.

google(Verizon FiOS throttle) = 71.900 results. One would almost think
that there might sometimes be issues there.

Also, do realize that the IPv6 path you are using goes over a shared
host (the Tunnel Broker PoP) that has IPv4 and IPv6 capacity that might
be shared in various points of the paths your packets cross.

Did you test at the same time of your "blast data" that the IPv6 Youtube
was working fine?

Another thing, as browsers now do "Happy Eyeballs" (which is really
horrible to diagnose issues with on OSX), did you check if everything is
really going over IPv6? (hence the tcpdump/wireshark).

> To be clear, I was seeking opinions/experiences on a list that was
> likely to have a high occurrence of folk with v6 tunnels.

Tunnels are for endusers who still are at ISPs who don't do IPv6 natively.

NANOG has operators who have been running native IPv6 for over a decade.

Hence, StackExchange might be useful for your purpose.

> You have
> etiquette suggestions, but not YouTube over tunnelbroker suggestions. I
> apparently bring out your inner grump? Do you need a hug?

My cat videos are streaming perfectly fine...

> Burning Google engineering time would be a sub-optimal way to get HD cat
> videos at home with the least time spent.

Interesting, I was not aware they did not care about their eyeballs.

Actually I am very confident lots of folks there would love to dig into
your issue to actually resolve it. As when it is hitting you, it might
hit other customers.

Is that also not why there is this huge SRE department with lots of IPv6
knowledgeable folks?


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