Best US Tunnelbroker for Youtube

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Wed Aug 20 15:56:02 UTC 2014

For the record, I would leave my wife if I found her watching funny cat videos. V6 would increase the settlement amount, but she would be history.

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On 2014-08-20 17:28, Ryan Shea wrote:
> I was attempting to determine the lowest-time-cost path to "happy wife".

Does your wife care it is IPv4 or IPv6 or just "funny cat videos"?

I think your answer should be clear from that perspective.

As somebody eager to post on NANOG though one would think it prudent and
a good challenge to figure out what the problem is and actually resolve
that problem. You might learn something from it.

> My candidate paths are "kill v6", "sixxs", "routinghouse" and I was
> looking for anecdotes that might lead me to test one over another.

There are these things called search engines, you might know about them.

Depending on the exact query though, you might or might not get an
appropriate answer.

Remember that the US is a rather large country with a very big network,
and a very big variance in ISPs hence the answers found will not always
match what you will be looking for, especially when you are unable to
provide details of your problem.

> Yes there are better operational approaches if I ditch the "happy wife"
> && low-cost (time) concerns, but it certainly seems that the problem of
> reliable high-quality video streams is more complex than a
> traceroute/tcpdump are going to indicate.

As the first big leg goes over IPv4, traceroutes and such information
can be extremely useful as it might just expose a choke point.

That choke point IS something that people on NANOG maybe could do
something about. Though the direct thing is to contact your ISP. As you
have a tunnel, that means both the IPv4 and IPv6 provider.

As an enduser you could also check the various speedtest sites etc.

I'll provide you also with the SixXS answer as per google(tunnel is

That lists a variety of other things to look at. Definitely meant for
end-users though, not operators.

You can also ask around on Freenode's IPv6 channel

Lots of knowledgeable people there who can help you debug the issue.

> Where is the wireshark button my Chromecast?

Does your Chromecast terminate the tunnel?

As you seem to have a address, you might want to ask
internally about that feature.

> What is the PoP I am using for this particular video
> versus another?
> Is this request filled from Google Global Cache or not?
> I am choosing not to tilt at these particular windmills.

It seems you pick the other meaning of PoP.

The meaning I referred to was the Tunnel Broker's PoP, see also:

And yes, indeed, if you have network issues on the IPv4 leg between your
host and the PoP (eg the IPv4 ISP doing ratelimiting of protocol-41)
then that will also affect your IPv6 traffic.

It is surprising that you have to ask on NANOG about the other kind of
PoP (the google kind), as well, you could ask your colleagues about that
who will be much more able to answer those kind of questions.

> There are not Amazon reviews for tunnel brokers, so yes, I come to an
> operator mailing list.

Amazon does not sell those things.

Also, depending on the setup chosen, you'll find a wide variety of
(Tunnel Broker) PoPs and thus they all affect what one might actually be
reviewing, hence, better to ask directly at the provider in question.


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