Best US Tunnelbroker for Youtube

Ryan Shea ryanshea at
Wed Aug 20 15:28:28 UTC 2014

I was attempting to determine the lowest-time-cost path to "happy wife". My
candidate paths are "kill v6", "sixxs", "routinghouse" and I was looking
for anecdotes that might lead me to test one over another.

Yes there are better operational approaches if I ditch the "happy wife" &&
low-cost (time) concerns, but it certainly seems that the problem of
reliable high-quality video streams is more complex than a
traceroute/tcpdump are going to indicate. Where is the wireshark button my
Chromecast? What is the PoP I am using for this particular video versus
another? Is this request filled from Google Global Cache or not? I am
choosing not to tilt at these particular windmills.

There are not Amazon reviews for tunnel brokers, so yes, I come to an
operator mailing list.

On Wed, Aug 20, 2014 at 11:05 AM, Jeroen Massar <jeroen at> wrote:

> On 2014-08-20 16:55, Ryan Shea wrote:
> > Just one man's experience, but my YouTube performance over my Hurricane
> > Electric tunnel has been strikingly poor lately
> Instead of saying that something is "poor", you might want to do the
> operational/technical[1] thing and include things like:
>  - IPv4 traceroute from your endpoint to the PoP you are using
>  - IPv6 traceroute over the tunnel to the destination that is "poor"
> And depending on things tcpdump/wireshark might be an amazing tool too.
> There are apparently some US ISPs who are throttling protocol-41 btw,
> which might actually be what your problem is.
> Only data will tell though.
> I am fairly sure that bringing problems with HE up to them directly or
> at least on their forums instead of a mailinglist for Network
> Operators[1] will get you better results...
> > - so much so that I was
> > thinking of squashing v6 in my house entirely. Looking for your
> > experiences/thoughts on whether cutting over to SixXS or Routinghouse
> could
> > be a path to 1080p cat video bliss instead.
> For SixXS it all depends on which ISP network you are located in and
> what PoP you select. If you are west-coast, at the moment, you will
> likely not get the best performance as there are no PoPs in that area
> and thus you would have to cut through the country.
> But more importantly: did you consider asking your ISP for native IPv6?
> Greets,
>  Jeroen
> [1]

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