Akamai charges for IPv6 support?

John Souvestre johns at sstar.com
Mon Aug 18 17:09:26 UTC 2014

Is there an equivalent discount for not using IPv4 anymore?  :)


    John Souvestre - New Orleans LA

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Subject: Akamai charges for IPv6 support?

Is it normal to bill for IPv6 service as a separate product?  I was surprised
to hear from from my Akamai rep they they do:

> Hi Aaron, We can add the IPV6 service to the contract at an additional 
> cost of $XXX/month. Please let me know if you would like to go ahead 
> with the service and I can create the contract and send it for your review.

I've been working on adding IPv6 support to my current project on my own time,
and am now ready to enable it.  But as soon as there is a recurring cost
associated with IPv6 support, I need to be able to justify it.  And I'm afraid
that I can't currently explain a benefit of enabling IPv6 for our users.  I'll
likely end up not doing so while we're still an Akamai customer.

It's Akamai's network, so it's their choice.  But big players adding friction
to enabling IPv6 certainly doesn't seem in everyone's best interests in the

                                     -- Aaron

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