Shaw routing issue 12 Aug 2014

Pete Lumbis alumbis at
Thu Aug 14 01:07:08 UTC 2014

Yep. Most of the time I've seen this it's two data centers, both go TCAM
exception. You reboot DC1, when it comes back up you reboot DC2. This means
no iBGP learned routes so DC1 is fine. DC 2 is fine, until the iBGP peer
comes back and then start all over again.

On Wed, Aug 13, 2014 at 6:06 PM, Geoffrey Keating <geoffk at> wrote:

> Pete Lumbis <alumbis at> writes:
> > Maybe related to the 512k route issue?
> >
> >
> > I've seen people reboot to recover from TCAM exception without adjusting
> > TCAM size only to run into the issue all over again. It's a fun way to
> > watch the problems roll around the network.
> In this case, it would probably have "helped" in the same way as
> rebooting or waving a rubber chicken or whatever sometimes "helps": the
> route issue was caused initially by a problem at Verizon that
> caused them to deaggregate, which they fixed, so by the time someone had
> identified the problem, paged someone, gotten them to the data center,
> had a teleconference, rebooted the device, waited for it to come back
> up...  Verizon would have fixed it, so when it came back up it'd be
> back under 512k again.

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