So Philip Smith / Geoff Huston's CIDR report becomes worth a good hard look today

McElearney, Kevin Kevin_McElearney at
Wed Aug 13 01:54:12 UTC 2014

From:  Matthew Petach <mpetach at>

>Unless you guys are miraculously managing to terminate
>Nx100G bundles into 6509s with Sup2 or sup3s, I would
>be really, really surprised if this even made it on your
>radar.  Chalk it up to poorly-researched reporting.
>And if you *are* handling Nx100G bundles on 6509s,
>please contact me off-list, I need to get the details on
>your source for magic router pixie dust.   ;)

It made the radar with the consumer impact.  We traced the issue quickly
to customer datacenter routers/512K and worked with them to correct.  We
were surprised (or not really) with this being called a wide spread
provider issue.  Just checking if others really had an issue or was this
isolated to a few data centers.

No pixie dust ;-)

	- Kevin

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