AM dust filters

Jason Lixfeld jason at
Tue Aug 12 18:19:36 UTC 2014


I'm interested in knowing what sorts of material folks use to make after-market dust filters for their various devices which wouldn't normally have any.  This seems to almost be a necessity when these kinds of devices are deployed in environments that are overly dusty and dirty (it should also be implied that these environments are all in-doors and would have less than ideal airflow and climate control).

A material that is too dense will hider airflow and cause an immediate increase in inlet temperature, which would exacerbate a potentially threatening temperature situation in environments where the ambient temperature is already in the mid to high twenties and above (that's 77 - 86F+ for my American friends ;)).  A material that is not dense enough won't do a very good job at filtering.

Do folks just hack up HEPA filters or something?

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