Mikrotik RouterBoard and Ubiquiti Networks Routing and Switching Solutions

Justin Wilson lists at mtin.net
Tue Aug 12 15:15:44 UTC 2014

	Another thing to consider is how you feel about the configuration.
Mikrotik has a more polished GUI and command subset.  UBNT is still
working things out.  A lot of what you have to to do with the UBNT line
has to still be done in command line.  If you are cool with that then not
a big deal.  The RouterOS is a pretty mature product and has a good
backing of forums, wiki, and other things.  Not saying uBNT doesn¹t, just
not as mature.


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On 8/11/14, 8:22 PM, "Colton Conor" <colton.conor at gmail.com> wrote:

>I am interested to hear opinions on Mikrotik and Ubiquiti Networks routing
>and switching products. I know both hardware providers are widely deployed
>in WISP networks, but I am less interested in their wireless solutions and
>more in their wired products.
>I know most of their switches and routers are software based, but that
>might not necessarily be a bad thing since everyone is going to SDN
>anyways. Their products are 1/10th or less of the cost of
>the equivalent Cisco/Juniper products.
>How stable and feature rich are both of their platforms? How do both of
>their command line interfaces compare to Cisco or Juniper? Is it easy to
>train a Cisco tech how to use a Mikrotik or Ubiquiti Networks product?
>*Ubiquiti Networks software is based on a version of Vyatta I believe. As
>many of you know Vyatta was bought by Brocade. I have heard that Vyatta is
>very Juniper OS like. *Ubiquiti just release a line of switches that have
>an amazing price and seem to support wire speed switching. Their
>is supposedly faster than Mikrotiks solutions. They are also traded on the
>stock market, and seem to be doing well as a company.
>Mikrotik also seems to make routers and switches. I am not sure what their
>software is based on, but it does support advanced features such as MPLS.
>Not sure about their switches, but they seem to be dirt cheap! What is
>their command line interface like? I couldn't find any financial
>information on this company, but they seem to be located in Latvia?
>Does anyone have any meaningful insight to both companies? Why haven't
>made a dent in the switching and router market with their amazing price
>points? Am I missing something here?

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