2015 NANOG Election Announcement

Michael Smith mksmith at mac.com
Mon Aug 11 05:19:15 UTC 2014

Hello NANOGers!

We are once again approaching the annual NANOG election and appointment time. In addition to the Call for Nominations message, the following is an overview and timeline of the actual election process. We encourage those in the community who are not currently NANOG Members to consider becoming one and to consider standing for a position within our leadership. Through membership and voting, you will be an active participant in directing all NANOG activities.

Only NANOG members are eligible to vote and serve in the 2014 election process. Go to https://www.nanog.org/membership/join to become a Member.

If you care about NANOG and think you would like to take a turn at volunteering your time to help make it better please consider joining as a member and running for a position. If you know someone else that you believe would be interested, nominate them by completing the Online Process at https://www.bigpulse.com/97752/signin.   Any questions should be submitted to elections at nanog.org.

As NANOG continues to evolve, our Committees will continue to play an increasingly important role in our success. By joining now, you can be an integral part of the process.

For more information about the role of any Committee, or to find out more about what's involved in being a Committee member, please consult the current NANOG Bylaws or follow the links above to the Committee Member Responsibilities documents.

Best regards,
Michael K. Smith
On behalf of the NANOG Board of Directors 

Election Timeline
Call for Board Member nominations	                                                                August 8, 2014
Call for Program and Communications Committees nominations	                        August 8, 2014
Bylaws discussed, proposed changes explored	                                                August 25, 2014
Board Member nominations close	                                                                        September 17, 2014
Bylaws amendments posted	                                                                                September 15, 2014
Ballot approved	                                                                                                September 18, 2014
Voting for the 2014 Board opens at 8:00AM ET	                                                October 6, 2014
Program and Communications Committees nominations close at 12:00PM ET	October 8, 2014
Voting for the 2014 Board closes at 12:00PM ET	                                                October 8, 2014
Board Appointment of New  Committee Members	                                                October 8, 2014

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