Dealing with abuse complaints to non-existent contacts

Bill Woodcock woody at
Sun Aug 10 21:05:44 UTC 2014

On Aug 10, 2014, at 1:28 PM, goemon at wrote:

> On Mon, 11 Aug 2014, Paul S. wrote:
>> It would appear you've done your part in trying to reach out (and subsequently failed), so the next step to go is dropping all traffic from it.
>> Nothing wrong with trying to protect your own customer from people who cannot be bothered to do their own due diligence.
> It would be nice if allocations would be revoked due to invalid/fake contact info.

That’s been debated many times, in most of the RIRs, and has not resulted in any persistent policies that I remember offhand.  The tide may turn, as it were, if problems get sufficiently bad, at which point these sorts of policies might receive sufficient support to be passed, and stick.


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