IPv6 route annoucement

John York johny at griffintechnology.com
Thu Aug 7 20:58:43 UTC 2014

Hoping to not start a war...

We (a multi-homed end-user site) are finally getting IPv6-enabled Internet
connectivity from one of our ISPs. In conversations regarding our BGP
config, the ISP has balked at allowing us to advertise our ARIN-assigned
/44, saying things like, "do you know how many addresses that is!!??"

Am I way off base in thinking this network size is not out of the norm? I
know it's a lot of addresses (19 octillion-something?), but that
assignment was based on the same criteria that got us a /22 in v4 space.
Should accepting a /44 in v6 not be equivalent, policy-wise, to accepting
a /22 in v4?


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