AutoTask as a ticketing system in a MNS NOC

Chris Adams cma at
Thu Aug 7 20:08:45 UTC 2014

Once upon a time, Chris Garrett <chris at> said:
> Does anyone on list have any firsthand experience with this software as a primary ticketing platform in a high volume NOC?

A small ISP I used to work for switched to Autotask a couple of years
ago, and I was not impressed.  The web UI was slow, the API was slower,
and their standard mail gateway was broken.

For example: they used AT for CRM as well, and the mail gateway tried to
auto-associate tickets with contacts based on email address.  That would
be great, but we had some people that were contacts for multiple
customers (using the same email address), and emails from them to the
ticket system would just go into a black hole (no ticket, no bounce, no

There are various third-party tools available to handle the email
gateway as well; I don't know how well they may work, but it seemed to
me that a ticket system that needed third-party tools to handle email
was broken.

Chris Adams <cma at>

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